Accounting and Finance


  • Accounts receivable and payable support
  • Financial reporting and 24/7 board member access
  • Annual and Capital budget preparation
  • Tax return Preparation

Efficient account maintenance and record keeping is the best way to keep your association in order. Money management is crucial to any organization, mismanagement of finances of a building can be disastrous for its residents.

Our company provides professional Accounting services and professional management of finances. We maintain a proper record of all the inflow and outflow of finances. All receipts and transactions are recorded and all the information is available to board members round the clock. We maintain high transparency in our working and the records are always kept organized.

The budget is prepared in consultation with all the stakeholders of the building and provisioning of finances is done based on the board meeting. Our accounting team ensures that all the record related to any financial activity are recorded and maintained properly.

GSBM is a leading brand when it comes to professional building management. With our team working for your building you can be sure that you have everything in order. Our team will work round the clock to ensure that your user experience as a resident or owner of the building is a five star rated experience.


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