• Administer association bylaws and regulations
  • Board meeting attendance preparation and notice
  • State and local compliance
  • Conflict resolution
  • Collections and violation coordination
  • Comprehensive owner portal

Building management involves strict adherence to rules and regulations and at the same time striking a balance between compliance and convenience. The management of the building is responsible for the administration of all such duties which ensure that the building affairs are run within the legal domain and all the day to day operations meet the market standards.

With years of experience in handling administrative affairs of many buildings in and around Chicago, GSBM has the experience and knowledge to provide professional administrative support. Our team is skilled in managing the issues related to administration of a building efficiently and smoothly. Our team has in-depth knowledge of local laws and regulations, and we also have impaneled legal advisors for the same, if a need arises. Our team is professionally trained to handle internal events like board meetings, general body meeting, welfare discussion etc. and we also document all such events for attendance, proposals and consensus.

Our building management team specializes in conflict resolution, which is an inevitable scenario one is bound to face in a shared residential community. Disagreements and conflict can arise between the residents, the support staff, the neighbouring buildings and even with the Government. Our team will help resolve conflicts and disagreements in a professionally and help maintain a peaceful living space around you.


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