• 24/7 service support
  • Team members answering the phones
  • Residents and Staff meetings
  • Complaint resolution
  • Comprehensive owner portal
  • Communication record keeping

Communication and relationship building is the base on which all of our services rely. Although this is a service which should go without saying, unfortunately, it is not always a focus in our industry. Communication is the most important feature of a management system. Without two way communications like interactions, feedbacks, complaints or suggestions one cannot think of improving the quality, efficiency and throughput. Communication is the basic building block of any system and it does hold a very important place in building management system as well.

Unfortunately, it is the very first causality which succumbs to work pressure or scarcity of resources. It may be because of lack of funds, manpower, time or merely lack of interest. Whether intentional or not, putting communication on the back burner can have serious implications on the way a building is managed. It can have both short term and long term impact on the quality of service and maintaining a consistent quality of service.

GSBM provides professional building management services and we understand how important communication is when it comes to managing a building. Our company handles every communication seriously whether they are from the residents, staff, support staff or vendors. All the issues are documented for future references and are resolved promptly. Besides this, we ensure that all the complaints, grievances or suggestions by the residents are attended on a priority basis. The communications with the vendors and support teams are also documented and kept on records to encourage transparency in working. All the other services which are a part of building management company rely on this service for proper functioning and day to day operations.


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