About Us

Good Steward Building Management offers professional association management services to Chicagoland. We take care of finances, accounting, repair, maintenance, and communications. With us around you can have your peace of mind back.

We understand that managing an HOA can be a challenging task, especially for small and medium-sized associations that may not have the resources or expertise to navigate complex issues. That's why we provide the industry expertise and guidance that our clients need to succeed. From financial management to property maintenance, our team of experts is committed to delivering timely and effective services that help your community thrive.

Why choose GSBM

When we surveyed the landscape of property management on the north side of Chicago, we found an opportunity. A specialized, personal approach to an industry crowded with firms and agencies that assign untrained or under prepared property managers. Our proven management style has trained teams to handle conflict resolution and provides proactive communication with owners and tenants. An understanding of building methods and materials to plan for foresight in maintenance when the dreaded special assessment is so rampant. Our 24/7 service support handles every communication seriously whether they are from the residents, staff, support staff or vendors.

Your association shouldn’t endure the frustrations and hassles that come with poor management. Contact us so that we can show you how we can best serve you and your association, and how we can make that transition pain free.

Our Mission

We are committed to helping our clients achieve their individual goals. We believe in transparency, honesty, and accountability in all our dealings, and we take pride in building strong relationships with our clients to provide the highest level of service and expertise to help them thrive.

Our Vision

We provide a high level of professional service by promoting work-life balance to our staff so they can focus on their individual strengths with open communication amongst team members, residents, and owners.

Our Values

Good Steward Building Management is committed to being responsive to our clients' needs and requests, by providing timely and effective solutions to their problems. We believe in stewardship, which is why we hold ourselves accountable for our actions and decisions that weigh the needs of our community.

Meet The TEAM

Credentialed Professionals Dedicated to the Preservation of Value, Efficiency and Sustainability of Your Real Property Assets

Alen Yousif

Community Manager

Shaun Soulor

Project Manager

Ricardo Molina

Administrative Assistant

Shelby Hummel

Administrative Assistant

Luis Romo

Administrative Assistant

John Diebel

Community Manager

Matty Manqueo

Administrative Assistant

Jazmin Heredia

Maintenance Coordinator

Tony Fiorentino

Community Manager

Tina Young

Community Manager