Compliance Services

Property Management Compliance is an industry that is ever-evolving its rules and regulations. With our experts and legal resources by your side, you can rest assured that your community is compliant. Our team of experienced administrators and legal resources will help you scrutinize the governing regulation, any legal documents, review them and make suggestions for any improvements. All the existing vendor contracts and services contracts will be reviewed and re-negotiated to maximize the savings of association.

Managing an association requires regular interaction between various stakeholders of the association, vendors, and contractors. These communications are usually related to the services building management provides to its residents or the services provided by third party vendors and contractors. In these cases, the interest of both sides needs to be protected and it is important that all such communication is documented in forms of contract or a legal agreement.

Legal documents need to be thoroughly understood and analyzed before they are signed and finalized. Hence it is very important contracts are reviewed and interpreted to safeguard the interest of the owner and residents.

Additionally, our experienced negotiators will help ensure your management is compliant and know how to strike the best deals in the market. Whether it is an electricity contract, telephone services, heating units, drain cleaning or any such contract work related to your building, we will get you the best deal. With our experts and legal resources by your side, each contract will be reviewed and negotiated to perfection.


Your association shouldn’t endure the frustrations and hassles that come with poor management. Contact us so that we can show you how we can best serve you and your association, and how we can make that transition pain free.