Project Management & Maintenance

Your building is an ever-evolving structure, shaped by time, affected by the elements, and subject to the wear-and-tear of constant use and exposure. As such, it is always in need of preventive maintenance. To stay ahead of deteriorating conditions, aging mechanicals and outdated systems, there is always a punch list of ongoing and future items to be addressed. The operational lifespan of a building largely depends on construction quality and maintenance, hence it demands professional attention at all times.

To comply with ever-changing municipal ordinances and safety requirements regarding the existing infrastructure of your property, routine maintenance and general upkeep is always a priority. Our team of trained staff and extended vendor network are at your service 24/7. This includes more specialized, niche professionals for specific tasks like waterproofing, elevator repair, legal counsel, paving, and utility agents, among others.

Our company provides complete project and maintenance services for buildings. Our experts provide the consultation for the best solutions and options available in the market. Our experienced team members conduct work scope identification to delineate the exact scope of work and also review the work after completion to check the quality of work. Our administrative team proactively coordinates with the maintenance team to perform regular maintenance checks and also address the day to day resident request. Our trained and experienced staff works in close coordination with all the stakeholders of the building and work proactively to ensure that the residents are satisfied and the building is kept well.


Your association shouldn’t endure the frustrations and hassles that come with poor management. Contact us so that we can show you how we can best serve you and your association, and how we can make that transition pain free.